Biblical Leadership Studies

The student can now focus on the importance of their purpose in the body of Christ

All modules are focused on the theme “Fanning into Flame the Gifts Given to You by God,” and facilitates the discovery of our purpose in the body of Christ.

Upon successful completion of year two, students will graduate in Biblical Studies, as well as gain eligibility to enrol in the School of Timothys, which is the third year of this course. The modules are:



Practical Leadership II

Foundational Doctrines

Authority of the Believer



Amazing Grace

Developing Godly Character

Holy Spirit and the Gifts

The Blood Covenant


The Five-Fold Ministry

Developing the Leaders Around you

The Ministry of Jesus

The Authority of the Believer

Evangelism Explosion

The success of EE is known around the world as one of the most recognised methods of evangelism. CFCI partnered with EE International to include this highly acclaimed and hugely successful training tool into our curriculum.

Ministry Leadership II

Caring for God’s flock was the training ground for mighty men like Moses, David, and Paul. This module will further prepare you for the call of God, providing practical training on how to shepherd the “little” so that God can entrust you with the “much”. Leadership training forms one of the pillars of this year’s curriculum.

Foundational Doctrines

Most false religions have their roots in the hearts of charismatic people who had a basic knowledge of the Word of God but failed to apply the foundational truths it teaches. As you study the foundational doctrines clearly set out in God’s Word, you will not only be securing a future free form deception, but for all those God would call you to reach in the future.

Authority Of The Believer

All of us exercise authority at some stage in our lives, and all of us are under authority in different areas of our lives. It is, therefore, crucial for us to study the subject of authority and to get a revelation from the Holy Spirit about the topic.


God has a mission, and it is clear throughout scripture that He is longing to fellowship with all humankind and that we will worship Him through everything we do, through the understanding of His glory. He is not interested in just giving us a missions experience – He longs for us to be on mission with Him. On this module, you will be taught, equipped and provided with material to become a part of God’s mission to reach the world.



Sermon Preparation & Homiletics

Dynamic content and effective delivery style are the two key pillars on which a successful sermon stands. Students are taught how to effectively prepare a sermon and techniques that can be used to not only make your sermon memorable but can easily be implemented in any environment.

Amazing Grace

This module establishes a strong foundation for the student to understand the Grace of God. We explore many examples in the Word where people accessed God’s Grace and the results they experienced because of it.  You will learn the difference between grace and works and how to access God’s grace in order to fulfil your destiny.

Developing Godly Character

The Greek word for character is “dokime” which more accurately translated means “specimen of tried worth”. God desires for us to develop into specimens of tried worth. This module steers you through the process of growing in the character of God and what you could expect along the way.

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

We study the Holy Spirit and the gifts He bestows on the believers to carry out His work on the earth. We explore what the gifts are, how each gift functions and how the believer can operate in the gifts.

The Blood Covenant

Throughout the bible, covenants were cut between man and man, and God and man. The most powerful covenants were ratified in blood and lasted for life. As you discover the power of the blood covenant God, Himself entered in with man you will marvel at how desperate God is to see you succeed and what lengths He is prepared to go to fellowship with you.


“Believing” is the deciding factor of whether a person will be “made” righteous or not. It is not by the keeping of the Law. Before God, we have been “positioned” in righteousness. In this module, we will look at the gift of righteousness and what it means to practice righteousness

The Five-Fold Ministry

What is it, and why did God set these ministries in place? Are there varying degrees of authority within this structure, and who should be accountable to whom? What are the main roles each one plays, and where should their respective focuses lie? This module studies the ministry offices of the  Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Pastor and Evangelist.

Developing The Leaders Around You

A good leader not only develops himself or herself but the people around them. This module will hone in on the skills to ensure as leaders you strive towards greater potential.

The Ministry Of Jesus

The study of Jesus Christ is a significant topic for us to study. He is the fountainhead of the New Testament and the fulfilment of much of the Old. From a biblical perspective, Jesus Christ is the focal point of all history. He is the fulfilment of Old Testament hopes; and the Source of New Testament revelation and expectation. He is all in all.  To study the life of Jesus Christ is to behold God in human flesh. He is the most important Person in all of recorded history.