The Courses have been categorised into different themes for each year, thus creating a flow that depicts what that year of study aims to achieve, and the desired outcomes.


First Year:                                          PRACTICAL LEADERSHIP STUDIES

To cultivate intimacy with God through a personal relationship

Second Year:                                    BIBLICAL LEADERSHIP STUDIES

Fanning into flame the gifts given to you by God

Third Year:                                        MINISTRY LEADERSHIP STUDIES

Impartation to Sons

Fourth Year:                                       SILVER LAUREATE

Setting the Foundations for Theological Studies

Fifth Year:                                                 GOLD LAUREATE

Building on the Foundations for Theological Studies

Sixth Year:                                GOLD LAUREATE WITH HONOURS

Extending the Framework of Theological Studies

12 Months with 4 semesters.

Academic tuition is for an annual 11-month cycle, with most campuses running a Jan to Dec roster. Registrations will therefore always take place primarily in the 2 months (Dec and Jan) preceding the start of class in February.

Registrations will officially close the week before classes start and no late registrations are permitted thereafter.

Find the Campus nearest to you and email them.  CLICK HERE

Bible College lectures take place one day a week in the evenings depending on the College, for example from 18:25 to 21:30, and on certain specified Saturday mornings for practical workshops and quarterly tests. Each Campus has there own roster; please enquire at the Campus nearest to you.

Bible College is Currently offering Live Classes and on a Digital Platform due to Covid-19



CAMPUS Register and pay at the Campus attending.
Correct Campus & Registration fees Please register at the correct campus – this is the one where you are going to attend physical classes. Each campus is independent, and inter-campus transfers cannot be done until mid-year. Registration at the incorrect campus will forfeit the registration fee paid as no intercampus transfer of money is possible.

ANSWER: Lecturers that are approved by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC) guidelines, and meet the requirements of the Bible College Charter, and as approved by the Principal.

18 years old With a High School Diploma or GED or Matric certificate and must turn 18 before the end of year one
23-year old (adult learner) Without a High School Diploma or GED an applicant must be a minimum of 23 years of age to register


Must have access to a SMART device and must have data and access to the internet

CFCI Bible College is accredited by the Accreditation Service of International Colleges (ASIC).  Our Premier Status accreditation number is AS73293/0617.  ASIC is recognised in the UK, is a member of CHEA International Quality Group in the USA and is a member of the British Quality Foundation.

Every year has its own set of expected exit outcomes and assessment methodology to prove competence. Therefore, a certificate is awarded at the annual graduation event, to a student who successfully passes and completes all the required graduation criteria at the end of their year of study


1st year CFCIBC certification – “Practical Leadership Studies”

2nd year CFCIBC certification – “Biblical Leadership Studies”

3rd year CFCIBC certification – “Ministry Leadership Studies”


See Advanced Biblical Studies website ( for certification of years four to six.

You will be well equipped to fulfil your own ministry, possessing an in-depth base of Biblical knowledge, more extensive ministry exposure and experience, leadership principles, church management, church administration and church financial management.  Bible College is designed to equip people for ministry and raise sons.

The completion of any certification does not automatically guarantee job placement, as each ministry is unique and has different employment criteria and HR policies.

Enquire at the relevant campus.

CFCIBC Head Office is subsidizing the cost of operations for Bible Colleges to run. Without this generous subsidy, CFCI Bible Colleges would be forced to charge much higher annual tuition fees.  Head Office does not offer and financial aid directly to any individual student.

However, some financial assistance may be available at a campus level depending on sponsorships from members, financial allocation of bursary funds etc.  Contact your campus for more information, or apply in writing to the Registrar, before the end of the year preceding the year you intend on studying.

Non-CFC or non-church members (see previous definitions) are to contact their local church pastor for assistance.

Campuses have different permutations of the initial registration fees and the monthly instalment plan, and some offer member discounts.

Please inquire at your specific campus where you will be attending for their specific fee structure.

However, the following acts as a guide as to the overall costs per each year of study.

*Fees shown are for 2024:

Year of Study Total Annual Tuition Fee

(Reg fee & instalments)

Registration Fee

Due at Registration

10 Monthly Instalments due starting end Feb
FIRST YEAR *R 8000 R 1000 R 700
SECOND YEAR *R 8000 R 1000 R 700
THIRD YEAR *R 9000 R 1000 R 810

They include access to classwork, classes, and prescribed study material and manuals.

Each year of study has a predetermined minimum pass mark for graduation. The following
minimum pass marks are applicable:

  • 1st Year pass mark of 60%, 90% class attendance records and completion of all coursework will allow you to graduate.
  • 2nd Year pass mark of 50%, 90% class attendance records and completion of all coursework will allow you to graduate.
  • 3rd-year pass mark of 50%, 90% class attendance records and completion of all coursework will allow you to graduate.

It is automatically generated by the CFCI BC Student Management System (SMS) as your student number for the duration of your studies.

A manual campus identifying student number is provided by campuses not running the SMS.

At the beginning of every year, the Dean will ask you to attend a compulsory student induction or orientation evening to discuss the requirements, changes to be expected in that year of study and introduce the faculty and lecturers.  It is required that every registered student attends (whether they have attended previous years or not) as well as those who are interested but still unsure.

Many aspects of the Prospectus and academic matters are addressed and elaborated on to provide clarity.

During Student Induction at the campus you enrolled at, the faculty are introduced explaining their roles and functionalities. Take note of who takes care of what and especially who the correct person is that you can contact for the following critical matters:

  • Absenteeism
  • Financial matters
  • Academic queries
  • Admin matters
  • Foundational Courses
  • Student counseling