Ps Jenny Roche

Financial Director

​Ps Jenny has been a member of CFC since 1979 and fulfilled many roles, including heading up the Children’s Ministry. But her niche and passion is finances which she studied through UNISA. She also completed Bible College in 1984, and then went on to study further and completed her Bachelor’s in Ministry degree in 2005 and then her Masters in Ministry in 2016, with her dissertation on Cults & False Religions, now lectured on the Advanced Biblical Studies Program.

​Besides being the Financial Director for CFCI Johannesburg and all affiliated businesses since June 1998, she is also a seasoned teacher of the word and lecturer on Bible College in all 6 years of study offered. The course ‘Biblical Principles of Marriage’, which she developed in conjunction with her husband, Ps Simon Roche, has been included in the curriculum and has also had great success all around the world.