Hayley Johnston

International Curriculum Development Manager at CFCI.

Hayley joined CFC in 1993 when her husband, Raymond was appointed as a sound engineer.  After working in retail as an Admin Manager for ten years, Hayley came on staff as an assistant bookkeeper in Finance and later became the PA to the Welfare Director. Using her aptitude for technology, Hayley assisted the ministry in the development and integration of digital media formats, (DVD’s CD’s and Mp3’s) producing weekend messages and managing the Production department. Hayley also assisted with the production of Ap Theo’s books and TV programs.

Due to her keen eye for detail and love of the English language and reading books, Hayley took on the role of senior editor for the Media department, before being promoted to Curriculum Developer at BC Head Office. Hayley celebrates her 25th year as a full-time staff member of CFC this year.